Founded in 1825, the company Boulard has been passed down from generation to generation. The small family firm founded by Pierre-Auguste Boulard at the beginning of the 19th century has become an internationally renowned company thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of his descendants.

Pierre-Auguste Boulard creator Calvados 

Pierre-Auguste Boulard

"The double distillation and ageing in small casks are gifts which only the generous Normans can offer their clients"

 Etiquette Calvados Boulard
 Gustave Boulard - Calvados

 Gustave Boulard
Son of Pierre-Auguste

"Let's make Calvados indispensable on all of the finest tables of Paris"

Etiquette Calvados Boulard
 Lucien Boulard Calvados  Lucien Boulard
Grandson of Pierre-Auguste

"Boulard has all the precious elements of nobility to seduce those who have just liberated Normandy" (June 1944).
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 Pierre Boulard Calvados

 Pierre Boulard
Great grandson of Pierre-Auguste

"We must show the same spirit for conquest as our Viking ancestors"

Etiquette Calvados Boulard
    Etiquette Calvados Boulard


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