Michel BRUNEAU :  A Norman cook… In Normandy, La Bourride Caen


"Boulard and I share the same enthusiasm and pride in being Norman.
No more little "café-calvas" (coffee with Calvados), but the very best in brandy, Calvados and naturally cider, Perry and Pommeau.
I would like to offer everyone with a liking for tradition, quality and the rare virtue of friendship, a chance to enjoy all of the superb restaurants and inns of Normandy".

La Bourride
15, rue du Vaugueux - 14 000 Caen - France

Tél : (33) 02 31 93 50 76 - Fax : (33) 02 31 93 29 63


Marc JEAN :  from the Normandy (Deauville)

      "Boulard Calvados is an outstanding basic ingredient when preparing cocktails at the bar of the Normandy-Barrière in Deauville". Marc JEAN - Head Barman.

Le Normandy
38 rue Jean Mermoz, 14104 Deauville - France

Tél : 02 31 98 66 22 - Fax : 02 31 98 66 23
E-mail :

Christian LEVEQUE, Hôtel Inter-Continental (Montréal)

      Christian Lévêque chooses Calvados Boulard for its subtle taste of apple, for his Etagé de veau de Charlevoix aux champignons Portabello, crémeuse de pommes de Rougemont flambées au Calvados

"B = Bon(good) Boulard = Excellence"

Christian Lévêque - Intercontinental Montreal.


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